6 Ways to Tell The Difference of Real Honey and Fake One

6 Ways to Tell The Difference of Real Honey and Fake One

For some people, honey is one of the important things that they should have in the pantry. Unfortunately nowadays there are many fake honey sold on the market so we need to be careful when choosing it. Pure or real honey is not cheap at all and of course it will be disappointing if you spend a lot of money and end up getting fake honey. If you are suspicious or want to make sure whether the honey you bought is real honey or fake honey, you can use these ways to test it!

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Thumb Test

Put a little honey on your thumb and check if the honey spills or spreads and turns more liquid. If the honey becomes runny and drips on your hand, it is most likely fake honey. Pure honey has a thick texture and sticks to the surface of the thumb and then turns rough over time.

Water Test

You can also use water to test honey by putting a teaspoon of honey in a full glass of water. Fake honey will dissolve in water in some minutes while real honey which has a denser texture tends to settle and turn into lumps at the bottom of the glass.

Paper or Cloth Test

You can also use paper or cloth as a medium to test the authenticity of honey. If you pour pure honey on paper or cloth, it won’t absorb or stain because it has a thick texture and is not a liquid. Meanwhile, if fake honey is poured on cloth or paper, the liquid will be absorbed and leave a stain.

Flame Test

Maybe you never found that pure or real honey is flammable. If you intend to test honey using a fire, make sure you do it with caution. Keep the trick, take a dry matchstick and dip the match in the honey that you are going to test. Then rub the matchstick on the box and if it lights up, you can be sure the honey is real honey or vice versa.

Use Vinegar

Fake honey will react with vinegar when they mix together. To test the purity of honey, you can mix a tablespoon of honey with a bit of water and 2 or 3 drops of vinegar. If the mixture creates foams when stirred, there’s a big chance the honey you bought is fake.

Heat Test

If getting heated, real honey will quickly caramelize and does not create foam. You can add honey to a spoon or any utensil and then heat it, if the honey becomes foamy after heating then you can say the honey is fake honey or mixed one.

There are many differences between real honey and fake honey that can be observed from their physical appearance. Pure honey has a soft texture, does not cause layers and has a distinct sweet aroma. Pure honey from Madurasa possessed high quality and authentic honey. If you doubt it, you can check the authenticity of Madurasa by practicing the tests above.

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