Madurasa Fitkidz

  • What is Madurasa Fitkidz?
  • Madurasa Fitkidz is a multivitamin honey for kids, it helps to boost immunity, made from natural ingredients such as honey, Javanese ginger, vitamin C, date fruits juice, Lysine, EPA, DHA, vitamin B complex and Phylanthii essence, all produced in guaranteed high quality process.

  • What is the extra value of Madurasa Fitkidz compared to other supplements?
  • The benefits and value of Madurasa Fitkidz include: 

    • Maintain kids health
    • Improve kids appetite
    • Made from natural ingredients
    • Taste good and loved by kids
    • Halal and registered at BPOM
    • Practical packagings and will not spill
  • Had Madurasa Fitkidz obtained HALAL certification?
  • Yes, it had.

  • What are the variants of Madurasa Fitkidz?
  • Madurasa Fitkidz is available in 1 variant: Madurasa Fitkidz in 140gr size with orange flavor

  • What is the dosage and how to consume Madurasa Fitkidz?
  • For kids with 1-6 years old age: 1x 1 tablespoon (15ml)

    For kids with 6-12 years old age: 2x 1 tablespoon (30ml)

  • Can I consume Madurasa Fitkidz by mixing it with milk?
  • Yes, you can.

  • Is it safe to consume Madurasa Fitkidz continuously?
  • Yes it is, as long as within recommended dosage.

  • Where can I get complete information about Madurasa Fitkidz?
  • Full information on Madurasa can be accessed through:

    Madurasa website:

    Madurasa social network: 

    Instagram (@madurasa_official)

    Facebook (Madurasa Indonesia)

    YouTube (Madurasa Indonesia)

    Madurasa Official Store

    Shopee (Air Mancur Official Shop)

    Tokopedia (Air Mancur Official Shop)

    Lazada (Air Mancur Official Store)

    Bukalapak (Air Mancur)

  • Where can I purchase Madurasa Fitkidz?
  • Madurasa products can be bought in various minimarkets, supermarkets and e-commerce sites in Indonesia.

  • When is the expiry date of Madurasa Fitkidz?
  • The average expiry date of Madurasa Fitkidz is 24 months after processed/packaged.

  • How to contact Customer Care of Madurasa Fitkidz?
  • Please contact us via email to [email protected] for further discussion.

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