• What are the variants/product types of Madurasa?
  • Madurasa variants include:

    1. Madurasa Botol Murni 150gr PET
    2. Madurasa Botol Murni 350gr PET
    3. Madurasa Botol Murni 910gr
    4. Madurasa Botol Premium 150gr PET
    5. Madurasa Botol Premium 350gr PET
    6. Madurasa Botol Premium 910gr
    7. Madurasa Botol Kurma 150gr PET
    8. Madurasa Botol Jeruk Nipis 150gr PET
    9. Madurasa Botol Original 150gr PET
    10. Madurasa Fitkidz 140gr
    11. Madurasa Sachet Jeruk Nipis 25gr Box
    12. Madurasa Sachet Original 20gr Box
    13. Madurasa Stick Anggur 10ml
    14. Madurasa Stick Stroberi 10ml
  • What are the differences between Madurasa variants?
  • Secara umum, jenis/varian Madurasa dapat dikategorikan menjadi 3, yaitu :

    1. Honey (madu)
      This product category contains real/pure honey and consisted of two variants:
      • Madurasa Murni (real honey, combined from randu honey, forest honey and longan honey)
      • Madurasa Premium (real honey with additional royal jelly and bee pollen)
      • Madurasa Kurma (real honey with date fruits)
    2. Honey Drink (minuman madu)
      This product category is honey drinks with five flavor variants:
      • Lime
      • Original
      • Grape (stick)
      • Strawberry (stick)
    3. Multivitamin
      This product category is made from real honey with additional Javanese ginger extracts, vitamin C, date fruits juice, Lysine, EPA, DHA, vitamin B complex and Phylanthii essence. There is one variant in this category
      • Madurasa Fitkidz

  • What is the difference between Madurasa Murni and Madurasa Original?
  • Madurasa Murni is categorized as real honey, made from carefully selected honey combination of Randu honey, forest honey and longan honey.
    Madurasa Original is categorized as Honey Drinks with original honey flavor (contains no additional flavor).

  • What is the extra value of Madurasa compared to other honey brands?
  • Madurasa has been a pioneer of packaged honey products in Indonesia since 1984. Madurasa was awarded TOP BRAND in the honey category since 2009. All Madurasa products are HALAL certified by Majelis Ulama Indonesia. Madurasa is also the only ISO certified honey product, including ISO Certification 9001:2015 on Quality Management System and ISO Certification 22000:2005 on Food Safety Management, guaranteeing the steril and hygiene quality. Madurasa is also CPPOB certified (Cara Pembuatan Pangan Olahan yang Baik).

  • Had Madurasa obtained HALAL certification?
  • Yes, it had

  • Where can I get complete information about Madurasa?
  • Full information on Madurasa can be accessed through:

    Madurasa website:

    Madurasa social network: 

    Instagram (@madurasa_official)

    Facebook (Madurasa Indonesia)

    YouTube (Madurasa Indonesia)

    Madurasa Official Store

    Shopee (Air Mancur Official Shop)

    Tokopedia (Air Mancur Official Shop)

    Lazada (Air Mancur Official Store)

    Bukalapak (Air Mancur)

  • Where can I purchase Madurasa products?
  • Madurasa products can be bought in various minimarkets, supermarkets and e-commerce sites in Indonesia

  • When is the expiry date of Madurasa?
  • Each Madurasa product has different expiry dates, ranging from 24 to 48 months after processed/packaged. Detailed information can be checked in each packaging.

  • Can I get a special price if I purchase wholesale?
  • Please contact us via email to for further discussion.

  • Can I get free delivery fees?
  • Free delivery fee promos can be checked directly in our official stores, available in several marketplaces.

  • Can I be a Madurasa reseller?
  • Please contact us via email to for further discussion.

  • How do I become a Madurasa reseller?
  • Please contact us via email to for further discussion.

  • How to contact Customer Care of Madurasa products?
  • Please contact us via email to for further discussion.

  • Can I claim product return/refund if the product is not meeting my expectation?
  • Our product return policy/refund policy follows each seller or marketplaceā€™s policy.

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