Benefits of Honey for Children That Every Parent Should Know

Benefits of Honey for Children That Every Parent Should Know

Manfaat Madu untuk Perkembangan Kesehatan Anak
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Watching children grow up is certainly fun for parents. While watching them grow up, you can introduce them to new things or new environments which help them to adapt, including giving them new types of food. Children should be introduced to new varians and new texture of food gradually along their growing phase. Under two years old, children cannot consume honey because the risk of exposure to bacteria and the spores content is still very high while the child’s immune system is not fully developed. Below are the benefits of honey for children that parents should know!

Boost Energy

When children consume too much sweets, they will get a blast of energy but later when the sugar level drops drastically they will easily get tired. Children do like sweets but excessive amounts of sweets can actually have a negative impact on children. Honey is a sweetener that contains natural sugar derived from nectar so it is safe for consumption by children over two years. The natural sweeteners in honey are digested slower than cane sugar or other types of sugar, so children’s energy can be controlled properly and they don’t get tired easily.

Parents can also reduce the risk of diabetes in children by training them to control sugar intake and replace it with honey from the beginning.

Protecting Liver

Consuming real honey regularly even if only eating a teaspoon and mixing it on bread or food, their liver will be more protected. Honey has anti-toxin properties that can help remove toxins in the body from the body involving the liver.

Relieves Cough

Children are more susceptible to suffering from acute coughs since their immune systems are still not fully developed and easily get infected. If your child is older than 2 years and has a cough, you can give them honey. Pure honey has been proven can relieve cough and it is better than cough suppressant syrup which may bring some side effects for children. You can mix a teaspoon of honey in warm water and give it to your child every day until the cough is relieved.

Supports Child Growth

The benefits of honey for children come from the honey nutrient content including vitamin, minerals, fatty and amino acids which benefits their health. Several studies have proven that honey can fulfil mineral and vitamin requirements in order to support children’s growth, including the development of their digestive system and heart.

The benefits of honey for children should not be underestimated and so that children will love it, you can be creative by mixing it in various recipes. Pure honey from Madurasa can be given to children over two years and can be easily mixed in various types of food and drinks to make it more delicious and nutritious. Although healthy, remember to not give too much honey to children because the sugar content in honey is also quite high.

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